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An open access online platform facilitating the sharing of activities, information, data and resources between farmers, scientists, policy makers, and citizens

Recodo hosts Europe's first Advanced Farmer Cluster Network, along with knowledge and tools to support new and established clusters. Find out more about our mission and funding below.

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Resources to share knowledge and support action

Integrating different resources: from citizen science training tools and materials for on-farm biodiversity monitoring, to new knowledge and personal stories from across Europe's Farmer Cluster Network.

The FRAMEwork project

The importance of biodiversity

Biodiversity is essential for agroecosystem resilience, sustainability, and long-term food security. Traditionally, management for short-term economic returns has taken priority over management for environmental health. Current mechanisms for compensating and encouraging farmers to apply biodiversity-sensitive management strategies are often inefficient, being applied at the individual farm rather than landscape level, and tend to be generic solutions, imposed from the top down at an EU or national level.

Biodiversity monitoring is rarely carried out and there is therefore little scope for evaluating the success of strategies in achieving improvements to farmland biodiversity. Farmers and rural communities are often not empowered through existing processes.

The Recodo platform is a service of the FRAMEwork project - 'Farmer clusters for Realising Agrobiodiversity Management across Ecosystems'. The project is researching and promoting ways for European farming systems to transition towards conserving biodiversity and leveraging valuable ecosystem services while mitigating agronomic and economic risks.


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