• What is a Farmer Cluster?

    A ‘Farmer Cluster’ is a community of farmers, located in the same region. They share knowledge, support, and motivate each other to improve biodiversity and the ecological health of their farmlands.

  • Why Farmer Clusters matter

    There is only so much that an individual farm, acting in isolation, can achieve on their own. By working together, empowered by an advisor or ‘facilitator’ farmers and land managers can work more cohesively together in their locality. This enables them to collectively deliver greater benefits for soil, water and wildlife at a landscape scale.

  • Farmer Cluster Guidelines

    Use these guidelines to set-up, manage and promote Farmer Clusters in your region!

  • Action

    Meet Farmer Clusters in action across Europe

    Dive into the everyday life and activities of Farmers Clusters, from Estonia to Spain, and from Italy to the UK.


    Farmer Cluster resources

    Explore a range of different resources related to and relevant for running a Farmer Cluster.


    A success story

    The Farmer Clusters concept originated in the UK and, since 2012, has spread over the country with more than 200 clusters actively running today.